Our Services

Our services rely on sand casting and inlay utilising CNC machines to achieve the desired effect. Through these techniques, we are able to fulfill our clients’ commissions. Our foundry services many functions, including but not limited to, industrial, artistic, and niche works.


Pattern Making

A pattern is the primary component for sand-casting. It is a plan of the final work in a three-dimensional form, typically made of wood, chalk, or plastic. We are always committed to realising the most economical and suitable pattern for your needs based on your drawings, model components, and sketches. With more than 30 years of experience, our workshop is able to actively collaborate with our clients in reaching the optimal solution.


Sand Casting

Sand casting is one of the oldest methods of casting and has been employed since 1000 B.C. The process begins with creating a mould or cavity in the desired shape, before pouring the necessary molten, composed of but not limited to aluminium, phosphor and lead bronze, brass, or gunmetal. Today, sand-casting is still arguably one of the most versatile and widely used methods of casting for industrial and artistic specifications. Our casting capacity is anywhere between 50 grams and 1200 kilograms. We cast all our products with non-ferrous metal ingots, and can provide quality-testing certificates on request.


Machining Services

Machining is the final stage of our production. Once the final product is removed from the mould, via a process known as ‘shake-out’, the item may need further refining to remove any surface imperfections, and to meet the tolerances requested by clients. In this way, our workshop can ensure that the casting is tailored to numbers provided on initial drawings by engineers. We take pride in machining our products down to the finest detail. When more specialised machining requirements arise, we collaborate with our network of experts and will provide a quote that is inclusive of all processes. Clients may also choose to complete machining after their order is despatched, for instance, this is particularly useful when an artwork is cast and requires the artist’s complete control over the aesthetics. We are able to cast with any of the above specifications in mind.


Wood & Stone Metal Inlay

At Austral Brass Foundry we additionally have the capacity to add wood or stone elements to our castings. This is most commonly used to inlay metal for creative or decorative purposes. We are able to purvey a range of items, as per the client’s creative needs, or to collaborate on ideas that need further development. Our range of products includes, but is not limited to, table-tops, accent parquetry, and sign-making.



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17/112 Ashford Ave,
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